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  Name Title
Darla Arioto Arioto, Darla Preschool Teacher
Maneh Bagdasaryan Bagdasaryan, Maneh Preschool Teacher
Jennifer Baham Baham, Jennifer Teaching Principal
Jennifer Berry Berry, Jennifer Teacher
Karla Betoseb Betoseb, Karla Preschool Teacher
Blenda Betouseb Betouseb, Blenda Preschool Teacher
Linda Bidan Bidan, Linda Preschool Teacher
Colby Blake Blake, Colby Teacher
Jim Browning Browning, Jim Facilities Manager
Mariza Campista Campista, Mariza Teacher
Sonia Chang Chang, Sonia Business Manager
Leah Chun Chun, Leah Teacher
Brianna Cisneros Cisneros, Brianna Director of Enrichment
Megan Cistulli Cistulli, Megan Aide
Cecilia Coetsee Coetsee, Cecilia Teacher
Tabitha DeAnda DeAnda, Tabitha Teacher
Sarah Gutheil Gutheil, Sarah Teacher
Jennifer Herbert Herbert, Jennifer Middle School Student Advocate
Sharokeena Hormoz Hormoz, Sharokeena Preschool Teacher
Rochelle Leggett Leggett, Rochelle Preschool Director
Jonathan Lockman Lockman, Jonathan Teacher
Shannon McNerney McNerney, Shannon Teacher
Catherine Miller Miller, Catherine Music Teacher
Vanessa Morris Morris, Vanessa Teacher
Nahreyn Moshaghian Moshaghian, Nahreyn Preschool Teacher
Nicole Nesdahl Nesdahl, Nicole Librarian
Michelle Nibbelink Nibbelink, Michelle Teacher
Sarah O'Donnell O'Donnell, Sarah Preschool Teacher
Christopher Pinkham Pinkham, Christopher Head of School
Eli Plares Plares, Eli Music Teacher
Robyn Ritsema Ritsema, Robyn Teacher
Heidi Sacks Sacks, Heidi Administrative Assistant
Mike Samon Samon, Mike PE Teacher/AD
Beverly Singh Singh, Beverly Enrollment and Student Services Coordinator
Tamara Sterk Sterk, Tamara Director of Community Development
Rebecca Subity Subity, Rebecca Aide
Kalin Tchiang Tchiang, Kalin Preschool Teacher
Kirsten Thornton Thornton, Kirsten Teacher
Suzanne Van Ewyk Van Ewyk, Suzanne Teacher
Catherine Vo Vo, Catherine Preschool Teacher
Marsha Wakatsuki Wakatsuki, Marsha Aide
Daniel Werder Werder, Daniel Technology
John Wynbeek Wynbeek, John Technology Coordinator

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