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Tamara Sterk
Tamara Sterk
Director of Community Development
Phone: 4083717741
1 Years Experience At School

Professional Biography

I graduated from Calvin University (Grand Rapids, MI) in 2018 with a BA in English Secondary Education and minors in ESL (English as a Second Language) and Spanish. After graduation, I moved to San Jose where I taught as an English and ELD teacher at Willow Glen High School for 4 years. Teaching gave me a great love for supporting students where they are at and helping to foster their growth into more creative and more critical thinkers. As I sought a new career that would continue to support young people but also gave me more opportunities to write and collaborate, God led me to my current position as the Director of Community Development at San Jose Christian. I am excited to have this opportunity to share the great things God is doing in this place.

Personal Biography

I am originally from the Midwest – born in the Chicago suburbs and raised in West Des Moines, Iowa. Since moving to San Jose, I have attended and become a member at Palo Alto Christian Reformed Church. I am a lover of words and good stories, and I have always been a reader. I also enjoy all varieties of flowers, cupcakes, and coffee. My husband and I live in Willow Glen.

Christian Philosophy of Education

I believe in the triune God who is, by nature, communal, and I believe that God created people in the imago dei. We, then, are also built for community and for connection. As a former English teacher, I rooted my instruction on this mission and sought to teach young people to see and use language in ways that develop empathy. Although my role in education has changed, I still see its purpose as a way to connect students with God, the world around them, and with other people. I hope that in telling the story of the school, I can also tell the story of the God who invites these young people into a divine relationship and Christian fellowship.

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