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Jonathan Lockman
Jonathan Lockman
Phone: 4083717741
Groups: Elementary
0 Years Experience At School

Professional Biography

I began my education career in 2006 at a Christian school in Madison, Wisconsin teaching math and Bible to middle school students as well as P.E. and computer to all the students. In 2010, I moved to China to teach English. I taught 1st – 5th Grade at a public elementary school in Shanghai before eventually joining a private bilingual school. After teaching 1st Grade—which I thoroughly enjoyed—at the school for a few years, I took over the role of Foreign Head of Primary. It was a blessing to be a teacher to the teachers and help them improve their skills. 

Personal Biography

The son of a pastor, I grew up in a Christian family and immersed in God’s Word. Before moving to China, I lived in seven different states all over the U.S. While living in China, I met my future wife. We were married in 2017 and are excited to begin the next chapter of our lives in San Jose. I enjoy reading all different kinds of books, hiking, and playing both board and video games. 

Christian Philosophy of Education 

I believe that God has established absolute truths in his creation and that these truths provide an essential framework for understanding ourselves and our world. As a Christian teacher, I am committed to the sacred task of pursuing and sharing these truths in all their varied richness. I strive to lead my students to understand that, because of their sinful nature, they need a Savior. At the same time, they can be comforted knowing that they have forgiveness through Christ. The students will live a life of love for God and his Word and will have a desire to share their faith with others. I strive to guide my students to recognize that God has uniquely blessed them, and they can and should use their gifts to the best of their ability. I strive to show my students the wonder of God not only in religion, but also in all areas of the curriculum. I strive to give my students the ability to differentiate between the absolutes of God’s Word and the uncertain nature of human knowledge. I also strive to provide my students with the necessary skills to make them valuable members of society. In addition, I teach my students to have respect for their fellow students, teachers, school staff, and parents in all settings and understand their role and responsibility as Christian citizens.

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