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Christopher Pinkham

Head of School  


Christian Philosophy of Education

God’s truth as revealed in the Bible should undergird all aspects of a Christian education with the primary goal to reach the heart of the student for Christ while striving to maintain a high academic standard so that students are not only prepared for further education or future jobs but also prepared to “give an answer for the reason of the hope that lies within them.”

As educators in a Christian school, we are called to model Christ to our students and families.  This means understanding that God’s Word is central to all we do. We should frame all we do at school, and in life, in light of the knowledge that God is Creator and is in all things.  As a Christian school, we have the privilege to declare Christ as Lord, integrate God’s Word into every action and acknowledge God as the source of all truth.  

By using a Biblical narrative that is fully integrated with learning, students gain a Biblical worldview as teachers and administrators reveal Christ in their lives and classroom.  Making Biblical connections to learning and living in our world helps students understand they can make an impact for His Kingdom.  The partnership with students and families that Christian education provides reflects a nurturing community that honors God, encourages and builds relationships, and prepares students for lives of faithful and obedient service to Him.

Jennifer Baham

Teaching Principal


Professional Biography

I graduated from Dordt College (Sioux Center, IA) in 1993 with a BA in K-12 Choral Music Education and an emphasis on Organ Performance and Liturgy. In 1994, I answered God’s call to teach music and Bible at San Jose Christian School. While at SJCS my training expanded to include spiritual formation (Kuyers Institute at Calvin College & Vantage Point), Love and Logic (Chapman University), Step Up To Writing, Orff (Mills College), The Adolescent Brain (Canter) and Biblical studies (Western Theological Seminary). I currently serve as Teaching Principal in the areas of teacher leadership, faith integration, curriculum development, student support, and teacher (8 Bible, MS Life Skills, MS Choir, and 7-8 Jazz Band). In addition to teaching at SJCS, I play as a professional organist at Presbyterian Church of Los Gatos.

Personal Biography

I was born and raised in Oskaloosa, Iowa with my parents, two sisters, and a host of farm animals. My dad was a dairyman with 160 acres. I am still a farm girl at heart and love gardening and hiking. I enjoy talking on our patio swing with the people I love most, putting together jigsaw puzzles, baking rhubarb pie, and being at the ocean. My two daughters and I worship at Palo Alto Christian Reformed Church where we love to worship, study Scripture, sing, and experience Christian community.

Christian Philosophy of Education

I believe God is real, God is good, and God loves each one of his children. As a middle school teacher at SJCS I have the unique and wonderful opportunity to take part in the spiritual formation of today’s young people. It is my goal to be a growing person in my own faith walk and education journey. With Christ and God’s Word alive in me, I pray that I can communicate to our students that God desires a relationship with us and that God’s Word is living and active. As we study God’s Word, the history of God’s people, and what it means to live as God intended, I pray that students grow in a personal journey of knowing God and living for Him in a broken world.

Board of Trustees

San Jose Christian School is governed by a Board of Trustees. The following trustees are charged with faithfully protecting the mission of San Jose Christian School as they develop broad school policies and strategically plan for the future of the school.  You can contact the Board of Trustees at

Kimberly Le Deaux  - Chair

Tim Schrotenboer - Vice Chair

Tiffany Perkins – Secretary

Jacob Van Ewyk - Treasurer

Robert Lathrop - Trustee

Ali Roohi - Trustee



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