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Visual Arts

Elementary students in grades JK-5 have a weekly art class where they grow in their knowledge of artistic elements, artistic techniques, and culturally-significant artists. Students have opportunities for creativity and self-expression within a safe environment that welcomes mistakes and learning from them.

Art is also offered as an optional elective for middle school students in grades 6-8. The curriculum builds off of the elementary art curriculum and gives students the opportunity to refine their artistic skills.

Music & Drama

Students at every level engage in music and drama as mediums of worship and creative expression. It is the purpose of the Worship & Performing Arts (WPA) Department that students become creative and confident communicators who build better relationships – with God, self, and others. 


Preschool through 5th grade students have weekly music class where students practice and improve in creative expression, musical literacy, and performance skill. Students learn to use their voices and bodies in worship to God within community. They also gain confidence in being on stage for worship, concerts, plays, and musicals. 


Drama is offered as an optional elective for middle school students in grades 6-8. This class is a popular and unique opportunity for students to build their public speaking skills and grow in community with their peers.

Band & Choir

Students in grades 5-8 have several opportunities to pursue their musical interests and hone their skills. Course offerings from the list below are subject to change. Contact us for ensembles that will be offered this year. 

Beginning Band

This band is an introduction to instrument study. It requires no prior band experience and is optional for all 5th grade students. Instruction includes instrument care, sound production, practice habits, tone production, music literacy, and performance skills.

Concert Band

This band provides an opportunity for students to increase and challenge their instrument skills. Instruction includes scales, sight reading, music theory, concert etiquette, and performance skills. 

Chapel Band

This ensemble is open to all middle school students looking to take an active role in leading worship. Try-outs are required as a form of placement. Instruction includes instrumental/vocal techniques, music theory, and the purpose of worship. Responsibilities include preparing and leading music for the middle school chapels as well as assisting in the setup and clean up of chapels.

Jazz Band

This band provides the highest level of musicianship at SJCS. Try-outs are required for this band and are held in the first two weeks of the school year. 


This ensemble is open to all middle school students and requires no prior choir experience. Instruction includes breath support, proper signing posture, tone production, part-singing, concert etiquette, and performance skills. 


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