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Experiential Learning

At SJCS, we consider field trips to be valuable supplementary activities to classroom instruction. Field trips promote authentic knowledge by giving students experiential and active learning opportunities. Students also grow in relationship and understanding with each other through team building and corporate prayer and worship on each trip.

Classroom Day Trips

Our teachers provide relevant, curriculum-enhancing field trip opportunities for their classes. Each year, elementary and middle school students take half and full-day field trips coordinated by their classroom teachers. 

Overnight Field Trips

SJCS stands on a tradition of giving 4th-8th grade students overnight field trip opportunities. We are blessed each year at our annual Walk-A-Thon fundraiser to be able to cover 75%+ of the cost for these trips. 

Learn more about the annual 4th-8th grade overnight field trips below.

Overnight Field Trips

Gold Country - Grade 4

In conjunction with their History unit on the Gold Rush, students travel to Gold Country to see where it all started. As they learn about techniques used for mining, the fourth grade students also consider the impact of the Gold Rush Era on our relations with Native American tribes, the economy, and the environment.

Learn more about the Sierra Outdoor School Gold Rush Experience. 

Outdoor Science - Grade 5

Fifth grade students spend five days at Mission Springs learning about ecosystems, astronomy, flora, and fauna in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Each lesson learned prompts the question, "How should we respond to our Creator?"

Learn more about Mission Springs Outdoor Education.

Environmental Studies - Grades 6 & 7 (alternating years)

Every other year, sixth and seventh grade students take an overnight trip to Catalina Island to participate in outdoor, experiential learning about environmental issues. This trip alternates years with the Spiritual Retreat. 

Learn more about the Catalina Island Marine Institute.

Spiritual Retreat - Grades 6 & 7 (alternating years)

Every other year, sixth and seventh grade students head to the mountains for an overnight spiritual retreat. Students travel to Hume Lake for a week of class bonding and spiritual goal-setting. A Christian mentor challenges the group to be leaders on our campus and amongst their friends as they live out God's calling in their lives. This trip alternates years with the Environmental Studies trip.

Learn more about the Hume Lake Spiritual Emphasis Retreat.

Middle School Capstone - Grade 8

The middle school capstone field trip for 8th grade students is a culmination of SJCS's "Teach, Not Ban" approach to teaching cultural discernment. On this trip, students apply what they have learned throughout their SJCS education to practice discernment around current issues as they engage and transform culture for Jesus Christ.

Learn more about the Explore Washington D.C. tour from Joshua Expeditions.

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