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A Foundation for Learning and Life

Our Preschool runs from Infant Care (3mo-2yrs) through school age (4 years). We have designed our program to foster character development, spiritual growth, and academic learning that will prepare every child for a life of learning and following Jesus.

Within our Christ-centered environment, each child is known as an individual learner. Our outstanding preschool staff make space for self-guided learning and creativity so that students’ first learning experiences are positive. Teachers ensure that students practice persistence and problem-solving, developing critical thinking skills and a growth mindset from an early age.

Like all the programs at SJCS, we value a strong parent partnership and regular communication. This supports our church-home-school approach and is the key to student success. Please contact us to start your partnership with SJCS today. 

Safe & Loving Environment

To ensure that your child reaches developmental benchmarks, we have five developmentally-appropriate classrooms that will serve each child’s distinct needs.

  • Caterpillar Class (3mo - 2yrs) 
  • Butterfly Class (2 - 2.5yrs) 
  • Grasshopper Class (2.5 - 3yrs) 
  • Dragonfly Class (3.5 - 4yrs) 
  • Firefly Class (4 - 5yrs)

Each classroom offers ample space for play, learning, meals, and naps. Our campus also features two playground areas that are protected with fencing and available for the exclusive use of our preschool students. We ensure that all facilities, including bathrooms and playgrounds, meet the health and safety requirements of the California Child Care Licensing Program.

Dedicated & Well-Trained Staff

We have extremely high standards for our preschool teachers who love God, love kids, and are well-trained in child development. Staff complete new teacher orientation and regular professional development to stay current on best practices. By incorporating the best practices from these fields into our traditional-model preschool, we are able to meet the needs of each individual student.


We believe the best way to help children succeed in learning is to teach them to be creative, confident thinkers. This means offering each child an opportunity for hands-on exploration and discovery, which in turn helps build lifelong critical-thinking skills and foster confidence.

SJCS Preschool utilizes the Get Set for School Curriculum ("Handwriting Without Tears"), which incorporates the main core competencies–reading, writing, and mathematics. Lessons are flexible to accommodate students’ unique development and build from simple to more complex tasks. This approach ensures that children develop basic readiness skills and are prepared academically for their school career.  

Learning Outcomes

By the end of our preschool program, students meet or exceed these Essential Learning Outcomes

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