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SJCS Association

The Association is the official governing body of our parent-organized Christian school. It began with a group of Reformed Christian parents who wanted to establish a Christian school built upon the infallible written Word of God as interpreted by the Reformed creedal standards.

Each year, the Association holds an annual meeting to make decisions in service of the school including the election of new board members and voting on budget issues. Learn more about the Association and how to join below. 

Association Membership Information

Application for Association Membership


Frequently Asked Questions

The following issues are decided by Association vote:

  • Nominate and elect board members
  • Vote on proposed constitution / by-law changes
  • Initiate action on issues concerning the school
  • Influence the future direction of the school
  • Vote on budget issues

Membership is open to all who agree to Articles II and III of the Christian School Association, have reached 18 years of age, and are not attending high school. 

No. Any person who meets the application criteria and pays the annual fee can become an Association member. As Reformed Christians, we believe that parents are primarily responsible for the training and nurture of their children. However, we also believe that the broader Christian community shares a responsibility for all of our covenant children. 

Complete the application for membership and pay the $10.00 annual membership dues. The application needs to be completed only once. Membership dues must be paid annually to renew membership and to vote at Association meetings.

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