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Darla Arioto
Darla Arioto
Preschool Teacher
Groups: Preschool
3 Years Experience At School

Professional Biography

I have loved being an infant teacher for over ten years now. After graduating from Pioneer High School in 1999, I originally majored in medical science at Heald College. I changed my educational path to Early Childhood Education when I realized working with young children was my true calling. I completed my core E.C.E. units at Mission College and maintain a valid Associate Teacher Permit. I am also P.I.T.C. certified.

Personal Biography

I love spending my spare time with my huge Italian family playing games, listening to all genres of music, traveling or watching movies. I met my husband Steve while he was playing football for the San Jose Sabercats and we have been happily married for twenty years. I have a lot of pride in being a mom and all my kids are my greatest treasures! My other favorite hobbies include reading, yoga, beach days, bible studies, eating pizza or anything BBQ, and snuggling with my cat Chica.

Christian Philosophy of Education

Before I could even write my earliest memories are of scribbling prayer letters to God. When my mother asked what and who I was "writing" to she explained to me at a young age my relationship with God is a very personal one. As an adult, being a Christian is still my moral compass. Spreading the peace and love of Jesus guides me in every aspect of my life including being a preschool teacher. My philosophy is simple: I believe in love, actions and consequences. I know God is always present and the source of everything good. It's my firm belief that the first few years of a child's life will critically impact their world view and spiritual path. I truly value being a Christian role model and the opportunity to advocate the health and safety for all children. It's especially cute and rewarding being in the Infant Care Center because the babies learn so much every day, primarily through play!

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