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The 500th Anniversary of the Reformation

November 06, 2017
By Jenn Thompson

Next week, Christian Schools International, an organization to which we belong and receive our accreditation, is celebrating Christian Education Week in honor of the 500th “anniversary” of the Reformation. There are many facets to the history of the Reformation, but one that we celebrate in particular is the importance of education that was embraced by the Reformed churches. Understanding that education is crucial for the training of the next generation, Christian schools, partnering with the church and the family, became the means to equip children for a life of service. The focus that Jesus Christ and God’s Word are at the center of life and learning and that the whole world belongs to God continues here at San Jose Christian School. As did the reformers back in the early 1500’s, we want to focus on the fact that Christ unifies His people and wants us all to be drawn into a closer relationship with Him. The importance of Christian education remains!

San Jose Christian School continues to exist in order to engage students to transform culture for Christ. We expect our students to grow in their faith here at SJCS and beyond. We commit to be a distinctly Christian witness to our community. As our society changes, our constant remains our Savior, who continues to be faithful to our school. As a community of believers, we strive to serve and honor God with our gifts and talents as we encourage our students to find theirs and do the same. On Christ the solid rock we stand.

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