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Lemuel "Buddy" Hucks
Head of School  

Christian Philosophy of Education

God’s truth as revealed in the Bible should undergird all aspects of a Christian education with the primary goal to reach the heart of the student for Christ while striving to maintain a high academic standard so that students are not only prepared for further education or future jobs but also prepared to “give an answer for the reason of the hope that lies within them.”

As educators in a Christian school, we are called to model Christ to our students and families.  This means understanding that God’s Word is central to all we do. We should frame all we do at school, and in life, in light of the knowledge that God is Creator and is in all things.  As a Christian school, we have the privilege to declare Christ as Lord, integrate God’s Word into every action and acknowledge God as the source of all truth.  

By using a Biblical narrative that is fully integrated with learning, students gain a Biblical worldview as teachers and administrators reveal Christ in their lives and classroom.  Making Biblical connections to learning and living in our world helps students understand they can make an impact for His Kingdom.  The partnership with students and families that Christian education provides reflects a nurturing community that honors God, encourages and builds relationships, and prepares students for lives of faithful and obedient service to Him.

Board of Trustees

San Jose Christian School is governed by a Board of Trustees. The following trustees are charged with faithfully protecting the mission of San Jose Christian School as they develop broad school policies and strategically plan for the future of the school.  You can contact the Board of Trustees here.

Peter Lam - Chair

John Bowen – Vice Chair

Becky Breiland – Secretary

Jeff Siegle - Treasurer

Karen Pinkham - Trustee

Deb Steele - Trustee

Thomas Bruckner - Trustee