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Life Skills Home Edition

April 23, 2020
By Jennifer Baham | Teaching Principal

Thanks to Shelter-in-Place, this year’s Middle School Life Skills class has reached a whole new playing field.

In hopes to incorporate SJCS Throughlines of HUMBLE SERVANTS and RESPONSIBLE STEWARDS, I assigned the thirty-three Life Skills students with "Life Skills Home Edition".

The Life Skills Home edition challenge
  1. Students completed a survey of home and life skills before deciding which one to demonstrate to the class.
  2. During a one-hour class period, four students present a skill via video or live Zoom demonstration.
  3. Then, each student must choose one skill from that class period to complete and photo document before the next class.
  4. By the end of the unit, each student will have completed at least eight skills.

Growing up is hard work, but it is never too late (or early!) to start!

Take a look at some grown-up Life Skills our Tigers were practicing:

  • Are your windows dirty? Sydney can show you how to clean them in a jiff.
  • Do you have a difficult decision to make? Maddie would encourage you to an eight-step process which includes paying attention, gathering evidence, asking for help, and praying for God’s direction. 
  • Do you need a break from watching your young children during Shelter-in-Place? Max’s safety tips and humorous demonstration of how to play fair can give older siblings' advice.
  • Did you cut your finger while chopping veggies? Camren can show you basic first aid. 
  • Is your child struggling to succeed in middle school? Maddie’s research shows some important habits and tips to get you on the road to success.
  • Is it time to wash your car? Joey shows you what supplies you need and how to make your car look great.
  • When was the last time you cleaned your bathroom? Lila’s detailed directions will make your bathroom look AND smell better. 
  • With Sarina’s smoothie, Sofia’s Greek salad, Jackson’s Asian beef, and Fiona’s two-layer cake, our families are well-fed during Shelter in Place. 

I'm so proud of our students! Take a look at the pictures they submitted. Look below the video for some Tiger Talk questions for you and your family to consider. 

TIGER TALK on Home Edition
  • Responsible stewards use their gifts and manage their resources to further God’s kingdom. What gifts do you have, or could you develop, to further God’s kingdom right where you are during Shelter in Place? What resources do you have which you could manage in a way to be a blessing to God and others?
  • Humble servants consider others’ needs and willingly serve them. What particular needs do the various people in your family have during Shelter in Place? Name ways your family can willingly serve each other,  your community,  and those who have needs around us during the pandemic.
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