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Middle school is a time of change! As students transition from dependence to independence, they rightfully take responsibility for their own education. They also continue to take more ownership of their spiritual life and relationship with Christ. Our middle school program is designed to encourage, guide, and challenge students as they take these steps towards adulthood. In middle school, your student is an active partner in the educational process, developing the skills to be a capable, independent learner. 

Middle school teachers emphasize leadership and engaged citizenship. Your child will work collaboratively with other students and will get many opportunities to demonstrate leadership in the classroom, with younger students, and on the sports fields. We also have a technology-rich environment that provides 21st century education, teaching students to become responsible digital citizens.

We have a phenomenal fine arts program and high academic standards that prepare students for entry into their top-choice high schools. Our sports program is a perennial favorite, with approximately 90% of middle school students participating in at least one sport during the year. We play to win, but our sports teams do not make cuts, which allows all students to try a new sport and discover their passions.

Middle school students thrive when receiving a breadth of experiences, and SJCS is the perfect place for that to happen.

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Highlights in Middle School

6th-8th Drama Production

6th-8th Choir

6th Concert Band

7th-8th Concert Band

7th-8th Jazz Band

All-school Field Day

Student Council

Service Projects

Seasonal Team Sports

Fine Arts Festival: Visual Art, Creative Writing, Public Speaking, Vocal Music, Instrumental Music


SJCS 23-24