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Middle school students at SJCS focus on learning to take responsibility for themselves as they relate to others and the world around them as image bearers of God. The middle school curriculum is designed specifically for this age: the transition from childhood to adolescence. The academic classes and extracurricular activities help to provide a smooth transition from the elementary to the secondary school years.

The curriculum in middle school helps students think abstractly and critically. Your child will learn to write, speak, and perform eloquently and skillfully. Students will practice novel applications of mathematical concepts, and they will examine and critique historical events from a Biblical perspective. They will experiment and discover new methods of thinking in science class. They will encounter God in every subject area and gain a greater appreciation for His creation.

Middle school education exposes students to a variety of ideas and activities. It focuses on teaching students a Love for God, a Desire to Learn, and a Commitment to Serve as students practice discernment and the skills needed to succeed in high school and life in the modern world.



SJCS 23-24