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The elementary years are some of the most formative of your child’s life. San Jose Christian School's elementary program is designed to help shape each student’s character and lay the foundation for a lifetime of academic success. With a fully-integrated Biblical worldview, our school emphasizes academic, spiritual, social, and emotional growth in your child.

We hold high standards for our outstanding teachers and students, and we provide the tools to ensure they meet those expectations. Your child will be known as an individual, and our teachers will partner with you to make a plan for success. Our goal is not perfection; our goal is learning. Our classrooms are safe learning environments where students can try new things, take risks, feel safe making mistakes, and grow from their experiences.

Our program centers on the essential skills and knowledge needed for educational achievement, all while fueling the natural curiosity of children. Your child will be challenged to think critically, creatively, and responsibly. We strive for all of our students to be:

1. Growing Believers
2. Healthy People
3. Active Learners
4. Effective Communicators
5. Wise Decision-Makers
6. Collaborative Workers
7. Humble Servants
8. Responsible Stewards
9. Engaged Citizens

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