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SJCS provides an academically-rich curriculum that accomplishes specific objectives while remaining flexible enough to meet the needs of your child. The elementary curriculum focuses on learning the foundational skills and knowledge needed to propel students to long-term academic success. Each class is intentionally designed to build upon the prior year’s learning and delve deeper into the skills and content of each subject area.

Teachers use a variety of teaching methods and differentiated instruction to meet the needs and learning styles of every student. In each grade, students have plenty of opportunities to collaborate with peers, practice effective study skills, and respond to a variety of learning situations. We also take advantage of our spacious campus to provide outside learning time in God’s creation.

The elementary curriculum also includes a variety of enrichment, including physical education, computer class, music, drama, interest-based clubs, art, and much more.

For more specific information by grade level, please refer to our JK-5 learning outcomes.


SJCS 23-24