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SJCS is proud to provide a 1:1 laptop education program. All of our middle school students use a personal MacBook Air in order to enhance, enrich, and facilitate learning and communication. Students become extremely fluent in the use of technology as they progress through our middle school. It is our goal to equip students to use technology to make a positive impact in God's kingdom, while teaching students discernment and ethical use of technology. We do not simply use technology for its own sake. Rather, we use technology as a tool to help achieve our learning outcomes in the ever-changing educational setting of the 21st century.

One of the guiding philosophies of our middle school is “Teach, Not Ban.” We believe that exposing students to tough ideas and wrestling through difficult concepts together is the best way for them to grow. Therefore, we do not take a shelter mentality, but instead we encourage students to ask challenging questions. We do not prohibit topics from discussion or try to stifle students’ naturally inquisitive natures.

This philosophy applies to our approach to technology and the internet as well. Instead of eliminating technology from the classroom because it potentially could cause distractions, we teach students to use technology responsibly. Discernment and self-control are two ever-present expectations, and students consistently rise to those expectations.