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Business Friends of San Jose Christian School

Our community has so many talented Tigers. We would like to highlight businesses owned in our community by current SJCS families and our Alumni. 

Tiger spotlight

The young expressionists

Run entirely by high school students and two of them are recent grads from SJCS!

Description from The Young Expressionist:
The TYE was created by a group of high school students that came together and created an affordable, online summer program that will benefit two areas of need: education and charity. Join The Young Expressionists (TYE) and sign up for a variety of classes including cooking, creative writing, dance, competitive math, and environmental science! Regardless of age, students in kindergarten to 8th grade will be able to find subjects that interest them and receive instruction from a high school student. All instructors are highly passionate and well-informed in their subjects, and aim to empower youth with their unique skills. For just $20 a week, students will participate in daily, interactive classes and learn the skills they need to pursue their passion. Additionally, TYE aims to give back to the community through their work, so all proceeds will be donated to charity by the end of the summer. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now at The Young Expressionists website!

Website: The Young Expressionists
Instagram: @theyoungexpressionists

Previous Tiger spotlight

Hyland Family Bicycles

Alumni family and current family at SJCS Preschool.

Website: Hyland Family Bicycles
Facebook: @HylandBikes
Instagram: @HylandBikes

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