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Thank you for your interest in San Jose Christian School.  The My SJCS section of our website is geared to everyday life on campus emphasizing our intentional Christian Community.   As a community we want to be informed participants and the information here is one way to stay engaged with the culture of SJCS.  If you have additional questions about life on campus you are invited to contact the school office at (408)371-7741.  It is our goal to love, learn and serve together.

The amount we plan and prepare for an activity reveals how important it is to us.  At San Jose Christian School, we are passionate about Christian education, and that passion is reflected in the depth of thought that goes into the mission-driven approach we take in our work.

We don’t accomplish things by accident at SJCS.  We are intentional about what we do, and we seek to do it well.  The result is a unique environment built on a partnership with Christian parents that cultivates the elements of our school tagline:  a love for God, a desire to learn, and a commitment to serve.  We invite you to learn more about your SJCS. 


SJCS 23-24