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Purpose of the SJCS Endowment Fund

The San Jose Christian School endowment fund is a special fund that is separate from the school’s general budget.  Its primary function is to provide long-term financial stability for the school.  The fund preserves its principal by distributing only the income produced by prudent investment of its assets.  Because the principal in the fund remains untouched, gifts given today benefit both today’s children and generations of children in the future by continually producing supporting income for the school’s programs. 

Why Support the Endowment

It is our belief that supporting Christian education is the responsibility of the whole Christian community; it is not limited just to the parents who send their children to the school.  The Endowment Fund provides an excellent way for you to participate in the support of Christian education whether or not you have children attending the school.  Your gifts to the fund provide unending, long-term support.  Today’s gifts will produce income year after year to support Christian education in the future.

How do I give?

Gifts come to the fund in a variety of ways.  Cash gifts are the most obvious and easiest type of contributions to make up the fund.  Some people may choose to give on a regularly scheduled basis; others may choose to give a gift in memory of loved one and others may include the endowment fund in their will leaving a portion of their final estate as a legacy for the support of Christian education for future generations.  Whatever method you choose, you can be sure that by giving to the endowment fund, you are contributing to the long-term stability and viability of the San Jose Christian School and its programs.

If you are interested in receiving more information about the endowment fund, please call the school office at (408) 371-7741 or email and we will have a member of our Endowment committee follow up.

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For more information about San Jose Christian School, its development efforts and giving opportunities, please contact:

Chris Pinkham
Head of School


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