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Katie Wampler

Katie Wampler
Katie Wampler
Classroom Aide
Phone: 408-371-7741
Groups: Elementary
Professional Biography

A community college beginning voice class started me on a journey that culminated in a B.A. in Music from Biola University’s Conservatory of Music (2011). I worked in the music field after college, branched out into higher education administrative support, and followed a developing interest in human relationships and communication all the way into a Counseling Psychology master’s program at Santa Clara University, which I completed in 2019. I am currently registered as an Associate Marriage & Family Therapist and have been gathering clinical hours of experience toward licensure by exploring various therapy settings, such as mental health counseling in elementary schools and serving as a therapist for ages 0-5 in a community mental health agency.

While completing my graduate studies, I also taught at a child development center, where I discovered a passion for supporting children’s social-emotional development during their early years. As an alumna of San Jose Christian’s preschool and kindergarten classes, I am excited to give back to the school that played such a significant role in my own early childhood education.

Personal Biography

Born and raised in San Jose, I am grateful for the blessings of living in the Bay Area. I love spending time with my family, my friends, and my church community. Music continues to be a significant part of my life and I enjoy participating in my church’s music ministry. I am a life-long learner and explorer, often taking classes or trying to teach myself some new skill just for fun. Baking has become a favorite activity due to its grounding and therapeutic effects. To counterbalance the baking, I try to keep active through hiking, yoga, and walking. Immersing myself in a good book with a fresh cup of coffee is one of my favorite ways to relax and recharge. My reading companion is a rather impressive tuxedo cat named Sasquatch, who thinks he’s a person. 

Christian Philosophy of Education

Christian education begins with seeing each child as a whole person, an image-bearer of God, and recognizing that our interactions with each child in the educational process can make a tremendous impact during the critically formative years of that child’s life. When students have the opportunity to learn in a faith-based environment, they also have the opportunity to practice integration of their faith with academic, creative, and social-emotional learning. In partnership with parents, teachers and staff serve as facilitators for laying that foundation and role-models for the practical application of Christ-centered focus in daily living. In Christian schools, we can create educational environments where students can voice their questions and receive loving, grace-filled Biblical guidance in return. We can challenge students in the pursuit of excellence across all domains of learning, for the glory of God. This is a truly unique and powerful opportunity for supporting future generations to grow in wisdom and knowledge grounded in Scripture, to be true lights for Christ in a darkened world. 


SJCS 23-24