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Justin DenOuden

Justin DenOuden
Justin DenOuden
Middle School
Phone: 408-371-7741
Groups: Middle School

Professional Bio

After graduating from Calvin College (now University) with an English focus, I taught English (language) at a Hungarian high school in Budapest, Hungary. For my next job I returned to Calvin College. I had multiple roles in the Student Life department, my main role being a resident director assistant. When I left Calvin College, I was not ready to return to teaching, but I wanted to stay in the education realm. I worked as an information specialist at Fusion Education Group (FEG). At FEG, I often traveled to California campuses, stirring in me a desire to return to California and to teach again. I decided to follow that desire, so I moved to San Jose and began taking the steps needed for my California certification. During that process I worked at San Jose Christian School and The King's Academy. My time at SJCS later turned into the position I am in today.

Personal Bio

I grew up in the Sacramento area - two hours from the ocean and two hours from the mountains. I grew up constantly exploring with my family and friends. I remember loading up our van, hooking up the camper, and traveling across the United States every summer to visit various national parks. These experiences led to my love of the outdoors. My favorite days now are days when I can explore worlds in books or when I can explore our world with friends.

Christian Philosophy of Education

Education is a balance of learning content and learning how to learn. It is a combination of improving thoughts and actions. That balance, that combination is seen in Jesus's interactions with his disciples and his followers. Often Jesus would first challenge his followers with a parable; he would teach people the qualities of a Christ follower. His disciples would be filled with extensive head-knowledge. Jesus would then support that learning by showing how that knowledge influences daily living. He would go and heal the sick and feed the poor.