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Danielle Dequine

Danielle Dequine
Danielle Dequine
5th Grade Teacher
Phone: 408-371-7741
Groups: Elementary
Professional Biography

I am a recent graduate from Colorado Christian University where I studied and earned a credential in Elementary Education. In Colorado, I student taught at the kinder, second, and third grade levels, all of which were public title 1 schools. Last year, I was a student teacher at Valley Christian Elementary school for a third-grade class. I have been mentored by seasoned veteran teachers, and am now excited to begin my teaching journey at San Jose Christian Elementary.

Personal Biography

I was born and raised in San Jose, where I attended Valley Christian High School. I continued my education at Colorado Christian University in Lakewood, Colorado. The four years I spent away at college were the best, and shaped me into the person that I am today.  Having played soccer my entire life, I have always had a passion for sports. Anytime, anywhere, I am down to play some soccer, volleyball, or just about anything involving some level of competition. I love the outdoors, hiking, going to the beach, and hanging out with my friends. 

Christian Philosophy of Education

It is my belief that attending a Christian institution with teachers who integrate and model a Biblical framework into their lessons greatly influences the hearts and minds of young people while they simultaneously pursue academic skills. Each student is created uniquely, and God has a plan for each of them. I believe it is my job to utilize each gift and equip them with the skills necessary to do so. 

Alignment in the home and school is the most effective manner of instilling consistent teaching to our youth. Today, many students are raised in their faith at home, and then exposed to a different “gospel” at school. The two voices are extremely different, and the voices of their friends and playmates are varied as well. As we know, many young people are walking away from their faith as they grow up. I believe that creating a strong foundation in the truth, at an early age, is some of the solution to this problem, and I wish to be a part of it.


SJCS 22-23