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Buddy Hucks

Buddy Hucks
Buddy Hucks
Head of School
Phone: 408-371-7741
Groups: Administration
Professional Biography

After I came to faith in Christ, I attended college with the final goal of eventually going into full-time ministry as a pastor or youth pastor.  Towards the end of my undergraduate studies, and while serving as a youth pastor, I substituted in a school and fell in love with teaching and school.  I knew that this is what God wanted me to do with my life and began my educational career as a fifth-sixth grade teacher. While teaching, I eventually began to serve as an elementary supervisor.  During my first few years of teaching, I finished a Master of Art and then began a new position as Administrator of a K-12th-grade school.  I am excited to be the Head of School at San Jose Christian School. In all, I have been serving in a Christian school as a teacher and in leadership for close to 30 years.

Personal Biography

I have lived in Georgia for most of all of my life in the  Savannah, Waverly Hall, and Columbus area. I met my future wife in Savannah at the school we were both teaching.  We married in 1992 and will be celebrating 27 years this December. We have two daughters, Rebecca Grace (21) and Bethany Faith (18).  Our older daughter is a fine arts major at Columbus State University. My younger daughter is finishing up her high school and also enrolled as a college student through Christian university in Georgia.  Our family enjoys traveling and especially road trips.  We have crossed the country on several occasions, and also have driven up the east coast as far as Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia. Our next goal to travel up the Pacific coast to Washington state.

Christian Philosophy of Education

God’s truth as revealed in the Bible should undergird all aspects of a Christian education with the primary goal to reach the heart of the student for Christ while striving to maintain a high academic standard so that students are not only prepared for further education or future jobs but also prepared to “give an answer for the reason of the hope that lies within them.”

As educators in a Christian school, we are called to model Christ to our students and families.  This means understanding that God’s Word is central to all we do. We should frame all we do at school, and in life, in light of the knowledge that God is Creator and is in all things.  As a Christian school, we have the privilege to declare Christ as Lord, integrate God’s Word into every action and acknowledge God as the source of all truth.  

By using a Biblical narrative that is fully integrated with learning, students gain a Biblical worldview as teachers and administrators reveal Christ in their lives and classroom.  Making Biblical connections to learning and living in our world helps students understand they can make an impact for His Kingdom.  The partnership with students and families that Christian education provides reflects a nurturing community that honors God, encourages and builds relationships, and prepares students for lives of faithful and obedient service to Him.