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Middle School J Term

February 05, 2018
By Jennifer Baham

From January 16-19, our student body, 5th - 8th grade, enjoyed a new experience called J-Term. J-Term is short for January Term: a short, condensed and focused time of learning in one specific topic area. Continue reading to see the amazing impact J-Term had on our students, school community and wider church communities. Our nine SJCS Throughlines wove throughout these electives in beautiful ways.

During PROJECT SERVE, a group of willing students spent four days sharing their time and talent at multiple locations that included House of Hope, Cityteam, Palo Alto Christian Reformed Church and SJCS. Our eyes were opened to see how community comes together to encourage and support members in our community who are in need. (Led by Mrs. Thompson & Mrs. Singh)

“I liked that we were helping others.” H.S.

“I enjoyed working at City Team the most.” C.B.

“We got to help the community.” S.V.


BUSINESS MARKETING students explored what it takes to run a small business through topics such as branding, marketing, and the social media opportunity. (Led by Mrs. Medeiros & Mrs. Hendricks)

“J-term gave me different tips and tricks to help a business succeed exponentially.” M.S.

“Business marketing can be used in real life as I hope to plan a successful business soon.” R.A.

“I find it really enjoyable to create and design things.” N.P.

HIKING ADVENTURES AND WILDERNESS WANDERINGS brought 12 students to local hiking trails such as Quicksilver & Bernal-Gulnac-Joice Ranch. During the 3-4.5 mile hikes, students explored nature metaphors from the Bible and literature, grew in community, and practiced basic survival skills. (Led by Mr. DenOuden and Mrs. Baham)

“I loved the fresh air and trail discussions.” H.J.

“I learned more about the other students in my group.” Camille S. “I loved being able to learn and grow as a community, not just in a classroom, but in nature.” A.S.

ROBO-CODING (Robotics & Coding) students enjoyed building, programming, and flying drones while discussing the present and future impact of the drone industry. (Led by Robo-Robo Company & Mrs. Coetsee)

“I enjoyed my unusually high speed drone.” M.K.

“Each day there was something fun to do.” C.S.

“Students had time to be creative and pursue their interests in robotics and coding.” Mrs. Coetsee

READERS’ THEATRE prepared students to perform in small groups. During the week, students also learned performance techniques, costume making and make-up design. (Led by Mrs. Truong)

“It was nice to try something new and extra-curricular during school hours.” E.P.

“It was fun hanging out with people in different grades than me because it got me to connect and become closer friends with them.” M.S.

“Even though I have done sewing before, I got to try something new when we made our costumes.” A.H.

Students used their gift of teaching to bless younger students on campus as they took “A WALK TO THE LITTLE SIDE.” Students designed centers and activities for our preschool and JK classes (Led by Mrs. Nibbelink)

“I enjoyed playing with the little kids.” G.L. and C.F.

“It made me feel like I was a little kid again myself.” M.L.

“I think it would have been more fun if we could have been the teacher for a whole day!” M.S.

MAKE AND TAKE POTTERY CLASS students learned the basic techniques for working with clay in an advanced art studio course. Over the week, students completed multiple projects which were glazed before being returned to them. (Led by Ms. Webb)

“We got to make plates and paint them from scratch.” J.S.

“Pottery was lots of fun, and I enjoyed making things with my friends.” C.B.

“I really liked making a bowl for my cat.” B.L.

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