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Spotlight Series: Preschool Music & Worship

September 20, 2022
By Rae Sterk | Director of Community Development

This blog is part of a new series for the 2022-23 school year to ILLUMINATE how God is at work at San Jose Christian School. Each post will spotlight a specific grade level and/or program. The first post in this series is a spotlight on the Preschool Music & Worship program, and features interviews from: Ms. Monique Nicoleau (Preschool Director), Ms. Cat Miller (Worship and Performing Arts Teacher), and Mrs. Cat Vo (Preschool Lead Teacher, Dragonflies). 


Monique Nicoleau came to San Jose Christian as a Preschool Teacher in 2016 and became the Preschool Director two years later. She said one thing that she enjoys about her current role is being able to advocate for the teachers, since she understands what it is like to be one. One of her goals as the Director is to align the Preschool with JK-8 in order to  create greater unity across the campus.

In addition to unity, Ms. Nicoleau has also contributed to an evolution in what music and worship looks like in the Preschool. Since its opening in 2009, the Preschool has always had chapel and music. But the program developed significantly with the influence of Ms. Cat Miller. 

Since her arrival in 2019, Ms. Miller has added new student opportunities such as Tigers Got Talent, grade-level-specific musicals, and daily Preschool Music that connects to and enhances the preschool curriculum. Ms. Nicoleau said, “We were so happy to onboard Cat because it took the weight off of other teachers trying to have to do [music]... And now having music incorporated into the weekly curriculum is even better.”

“I think music is just another language that God has given us, and it’s universal.”


“I believe it begins their day centered,” Ms. Nicoleau responded, explaining the benefits of teaching music and worship at a young age. She added that the program also enhances student listening skills, coordination, and self-expression. Moreover, teaching music gives students the vocabulary and the language to worship God in a way that is both universal and already intrinsic to us as humans. Ms. Miller put it this way: “I think music is just another language that God has given us, and it’s universal.”

In fact, everything anyone needs to worship is intrinsic; when students sing and dance during Preschool Music and Chapel, they come before God with their whole heart, mind, and body. Ms. Miller observes that, at this young age, students are not self-monitoring, but instead she sees, “so much exuberance in [their] worship. They’re just free to worship and they use their whole bodies and give all their hearts.”

Watching these children sing and dance is just fun. And while it is adorable to see, Ms. Miller reminds us that, “There’s no mini Holy Spirit.” Preschool students are not accessing only part of the Spirit because of their age or their size. Their worship is big, and it is pleasing to God. It is a reminder why Jesus taught us to come before God just like these children (Matthew 18:4).

Both Ms. Nicoleau and Mrs. Cat also reported seeing the Holy Spirit at work in their preschoolers when students offer prayer requests and praises. In this part of the daily routine, they expressed that students are “excited to pray,” and students and teachers alike use this time to focus their day. Incorporating prayer into the day also creates a community that relies on and trusts God. Mrs. Cat told how, throughout the day, if she, or a student, feels something tugging on their heart, they will stop and pray, often interceding on someone else’s behalf. 

These opportunities teach young students that they are the ones in relationship with God. In these moments, preschoolers see that there is no one right way to worship. They can clap, jump, or stand still; they can pray for what’s on their heart aloud or silently. But in all these moments, they are growing in their faith and strengthening a foundation that can never be taken away. 

“There’s no mini Holy Spirit… Everyone can use their gifts.”


Like every program at San Jose Christian, our Preschool develops the Whole Child. This means that teachers and staff not only teach students academically, but also socially, emotionally, and spiritually. Mrs. Cat stated how she treats music the same as any other subject such as math or Spanish. She uses songs to teach other subjects and has a center with musical instruments that students can use during Center Time. Putting it succinctly, Mrs. Cat added: “Everything ties in together. We're here to learn, we're here to teach, we're here to grow, we're here to engage in all these things.”

This approach to education at San Jose Christian School is the core of our mission. Describing the best part of working at the school, everyone pointed to the joy at seeing student growth over the year, or years. Referencing Proverbs 22:6, Ms. Nicoleau said we: “‘Raise up a child in the direction they will go.’ If we teach worship at a young age, I feel they will carry it as they get older.”

Part of teaching several different grade levels at once, is understanding each developmental stage and being able to create a program that builds as students move through it. In Preschool, Ms. Miller noted that this looks like both balancing movement and imagination and giving students plenty of opportunities for wonder. For example, when they experience a new instrument, it’s a hands-on experience where students hold and manipulate the new object to try it in several different ways. She said, “I love being in with kids as they're just discovering the world and it's kind of like I get to discover it with them.”

The consistency of Ms. Miller’s curriculum throughout the grade levels means students are more prepared for band and choir and have more confidence in performances and musicals. At San Jose Christian, there is an opportunity to perform and sing at every level, from Preschool to 8th Grade. “It just builds… It becomes familiar,” Ms. Miller said. Without consistency, students may not think they can sing or perform on stage. That is why Ms. Miller does put them on the stage and give them a microphone, even when they’re three. “I give them a chance to develop these skills, and their talents that God already put in them, and it gives them the confidence to use [a performance] to declare His name.”

“It honestly does not feel like work at all… It feels like you're going to where God is sending you today.”


Ultimately, we know, and proclaim, that it is God doing the work. Describing her favorite part of teaching Preschool, Mrs. Cat responded that she really loved reading and teaching Bible stories in her class. She said, “I take it very seriously, where it's like: ‘Wow, God’s using me to minister to them’… At first, I  couldn't wrap my head around it.” Feeling God’s presence and the Holy Spirit working through her was a reminder that she isn’t just reading a Bible story; rather, she is “speaking the message that God put in me for that day.”

This is also how Mrs. Cat sees God’s Light at San Jose Christian. Speaking with true amazement, she expressed the feeling she gets when student growth and understanding is evident in the Preschool classroom. “When they speak up and they are retelling what we've learned throughout the day, or like their feedback, even… that's where it makes me feel good.” She also related how parents have observed this Light in their children as well. Parents tell her that their kids are going home singing, worshiping, and telling them everything they learned that day.

“I also see it in the teachers,” Ms. Miller replied, describing where she sees the Light. She said Chapel is one of the few places everyone is together, participating in the same event. Usually, teachers have prep time when Ms. Miller comes to their rooms for music class; but in Chapel, everyone is together, as one body. “The teachers are worshiping with the kids during Chapel, and we're like a family worshiping together. It's like all of us together, worshiping God. And that is – that is everything.” 

“It honestly does not feel like work at all,” Mrs. Cat affirmed. “It's just like going to church every single day except you're at work, and that's the best part of it… It feels like you're going to where God is sending you today.”

San Jose Christian School will present The Preschool Mini Musical on April 21, 2023 at 9:30AM. 

Rae Sterk is the Director of Community Development at San Jose Christian.

Monique Nicoleau is the Preschool Director at San Jose Christian School.

Cat Miller is the Music and Worship Teacher at San Jose Christian School.

Catherine Vo (Mrs. Cat) is the Lead Teacher in the Dragonflies classroom at San Jose Christian.

Light Shines Through: Teachings from the Biblical Narrative

September 19, 2022
By Jen Baham | Teaching Principal

The mission of San Jose Christian School is to advance the kingdom of God through exceptional teaching and curriculum fully integrated with a Biblical perspective. Within our Christian community, we seek to engage and transform culture for Jesus Christ.

From the opening pages of the Bible until the final pages, LIGHT weaves through the narratives, prophecies, and poetry, teaching us about who God is, who we are as God’s people, and what Light has to do with our purpose. Genesis 1 begins:

“When God began to create the heavens and the earth, the earth was complete chaos, and darkness covered the face of the deep, while a wind from God swept over the face of the waters. Then God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light.” Genesis 1:1-3


In between Genesis and Revelation, Light shows up again and again teaching us that: 

  • God’s Light brings order to chaos.

  • God offers Light to all.

  • Jesus is the Light of the world.

  • Light reveals truth, so those who live in Light live in truth.

  • God’s Light shines unto eternity.

Our mission to advance the kingdom of God and transform culture for Jesus Christ aligns with biblical teaching on Light. Each and every day, we see examples of this teaching as the Light of God shines across grade levels, ages, and subjects.

God’s Light brings order to chaos. I recently saw this Biblical teaching on light in the 8 Bible course introduction. Students considered the biblical narrative from Genesis to Revelation and sought to name the “Top Ten Events.” Working through events such as Creation, the Fall, the prophets, the Silent Years, and Jesus’ life, students collaboratively articulated how God showed His desire for relationship with His people in that particular event. They then visually represented God’s presence in one Bible event. Albert created this watercolor piece which portrays God’s God’s relational presence with his people after the fall of Genesis 3.

Light reveals truth, so those who live in Light live in truth. Our Grade 6 students begin middle school history with the GRAPES acronym. After a brief introduction of each element of culture (Geography, Religion, Achievement, Politics, Economics, Social Structure), students created a circle book of the GRAPES of their lives and cultures. The journal prompt at the end of the circle book allowed students to consider why their particular life matters. Liam wrote, “My history matters because God has a special purpose for my life.”

God offers Light to all! SJCS parents can watch faith integration unfold throughout the year through the student Faith Journey portfolios. (If you do not yet have access to your child’s Preschool - 8th Grade Faith Journey portfolio, ask your child’s teacher.) Miss Blenda recently posted how math can be used to teach about God. She wrote in PJ’s Faith Journey post that even as little ones our life can feel stressful at times, but a clock reminds him that God loves us all the time. 

These recent moments are part of the greater story of God’s Light at San Jose Christian. For over 60+ years God’s Light has shone through students, parents, staff, and our community across grade levels, content areas, and programs. This is our worship! We declare that Jesus is the Light of the world as we offer God the chaos of our lives in the midst of a broken world. We pray “God, shine your Light!” in confidence that God, as the Light of the World, brings order to our chaos, offers Light to all, and calls us to live as people of Light.

Although we cannot see what is ahead for San Jose Christian, our future is secure in Jesus Christ as God guides our steps with His Light. We walk in faith knowing that God’s Light shines unto eternity! Revelation 22 opens our imagination to what it is like to live in Light: 

“Then the angel showed me the river of the water of life, bright as crystal, flowing from the throne of God and of the Lamb … the leaves of the tree are for the healing of the nations…the throne of God and of the Lamb will be in it, and his servants will worship him…they need no light of lamp or sun, for the Lord God will be their light, and they will reign forever and ever.” Revelation 22:1-5


Let’s live as people of Light!

Connecting the SJCS Mission with 2022 MAP Growth Results

May 26, 2022
By Jen Baham | Teaching Principal

The mission of San Jose Christian School is to advance the kingdom of God through exceptional teaching and curriculum fully integrated with Biblical perspective. Within our Christian community we seek to engage and transform culture for Jesus Christ. 

The SJCS mission may seem unrelated to MAP testing, but perhaps I will open your imagination to how MAP testing and our mission intersect. For the past three years, SJCS Grades 2 - 8 students have taken MAP Growth tests in math, reading, and grammar in both the fall and spring. In all three years of offering NWEA MAP standardized testing at SJCS, class RIT averages in all grades and tests scored higher than the norm grade level mean RIT. (Click here or thumbnail below for Spring 2022 results)

Thanks to new data available from MAP Growth, we also know that SJCS students currently score equal to or higher than California Private Schools in ALL GRADES and SUBJECTS. This is an incredible achievement! (Click her or thumbnail below for table with CA Private school comparisons)

Small class sizes, commitment to excellence, credentialed teachers, engaging learning environment, commitment to 21st century learning, and faith-integrated lessons at SJCS all support these excellent scores. In the long term view, these excellent scores are part of impacting the world for Jesus Christ. Imagine the impact our students will have for years to come!

Keep spreading the word about our amazing school and community! With an excellent academic program we can increase enrollment, allowing for greater resources and student opportunities. 

Our commitment to teach the whole child develops academically strong students who embody the SJCS Throughlines. Our students are GROWING BELIEVERS who can articulate their faith; they are EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATORS who speak, write, and listen purposely and skillfully; and they are WISE DECISION-MAKERS who understand creation, fall, redemption, and restoration in their lives as well as in the world around them. Our students score well on MAP testing in part because they experience school as integrated people who connect learning to life in a safe, dynamic environment. 

As we look to the future of these students, strong academics allow our graduates to bring their faith, integrity, skills, and work ethic to careers in a vast arena of fields where the kingdom of God is lived out each and every day. For example, our alumni enter the medical field (Class of 2015), law (Class of 2015), engineering (Class of 2017), and music (Class of 2013). SJCS graduates attend excellent colleges such as Santa Clara University (Class of 2016), UC Davis (Class of 2015), Biola (Class of 2001), and UCLA (Class 2017).

One SJCS graduate commented, “Of all the schools I attended, SJCS was the most important in my educational career” (Jessie M, Class of 1998). 

A current middle school parent wrote this year, “SJCS has helped [my son] become a better person. He is a true testament to the grace, love, and power of positive encouragement to guide a student who was being kicked out of the public school system in First Grade to a child of God who looks for opportunities to help others. He is now a positive role model and earns A/B [grades] in a school that teaches at an advanced pace and level. Our family is very grateful to be a part of the SJCS family!

Be encouraged, SJCS Community - God is doing great work here in our community through our staff and students.

KABOOM! Playground Storybook - Commemorating A Special Gift

June 01, 2021
By Chris Pinkham | Marketing Director

Kaboom! and Delta Air Lines partnered together to build a new play space for San Jose  Christian School. Through the playground grant program, Kaboom! provides many kids a space to play and let their imaginations soar. We are so blessed to be a recipient of the Kaboom! Grant and our students have enjoyed their new space immensely. Recently Kaboom! provided San Jose Christian School this special digital storybook keepsake to commemorate the wonderful gift we received in December 2020. 


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