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Connecting the SJCS Mission with 2022 MAP Growth Results

May 26, 2022
By Jen Baham | Teaching Principal

The mission of San Jose Christian School is to advance the kingdom of God through exceptional teaching and curriculum fully integrated with Biblical perspective. Within our Christian community we seek to engage and transform culture for Jesus Christ. 

The SJCS mission may seem unrelated to MAP testing, but perhaps I will open your imagination to how MAP testing and our mission intersect. For the past three years, SJCS Grades 2 - 8 students have taken MAP Growth tests in math, reading, and grammar in both the fall and spring. In all three years of offering NWEA MAP standardized testing at SJCS, class RIT averages in all grades and tests scored higher than the norm grade level mean RIT. (Click here or thumbnail below for Spring 2022 results)

Thanks to new data available from MAP Growth, we also know that SJCS students currently score equal to or higher than California Private Schools in ALL GRADES and SUBJECTS. This is an incredible achievement! (Click her or thumbnail below for table with CA Private school comparisons)

Small class sizes, commitment to excellence, credentialed teachers, engaging learning environment, commitment to 21st century learning, and faith-integrated lessons at SJCS all support these excellent scores. In the long term view, these excellent scores are part of impacting the world for Jesus Christ. Imagine the impact our students will have for years to come!

Keep spreading the word about our amazing school and community! With an excellent academic program we can increase enrollment, allowing for greater resources and student opportunities. 

Our commitment to teach the whole child develops academically strong students who embody the SJCS Throughlines. Our students are GROWING BELIEVERS who can articulate their faith; they are EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATORS who speak, write, and listen purposely and skillfully; and they are WISE DECISION-MAKERS who understand creation, fall, redemption, and restoration in their lives as well as in the world around them. Our students score well on MAP testing in part because they experience school as integrated people who connect learning to life in a safe, dynamic environment. 

As we look to the future of these students, strong academics allow our graduates to bring their faith, integrity, skills, and work ethic to careers in a vast arena of fields where the kingdom of God is lived out each and every day. For example, our alumni enter the medical field (Class of 2015), law (Class of 2015), engineering (Class of 2017), and music (Class of 2013). SJCS graduates attend excellent colleges such as Santa Clara University (Class of 2016), UC Davis (Class of 2015), Biola (Class of 2001), and UCLA (Class 2017).

One SJCS graduate commented, “Of all the schools I attended, SJCS was the most important in my educational career” (Jessie M, Class of 1998). 

A current middle school parent wrote this year, “SJCS has helped [my son] become a better person. He is a true testament to the grace, love, and power of positive encouragement to guide a student who was being kicked out of the public school system in First Grade to a child of God who looks for opportunities to help others. He is now a positive role model and earns A/B [grades] in a school that teaches at an advanced pace and level. Our family is very grateful to be a part of the SJCS family!

Be encouraged, SJCS Community - God is doing great work here in our community through our staff and students.

KABOOM! Playground Storybook - Commemorating A Special Gift

June 01, 2021
By Chris Pinkham | Marketing Director

Kaboom! and Delta Air Lines partnered together to build a new play space for San Jose  Christian School. Through the playground grant program, Kaboom! provides many kids a space to play and let their imaginations soar. We are so blessed to be a recipient of the Kaboom! Grant and our students have enjoyed their new space immensely. Recently Kaboom! provided San Jose Christian School this special digital storybook keepsake to commemorate the wonderful gift we received in December 2020. 


Highlights from Our Teaching Principal

May 19, 2021
By Chris Pinkham | Marketing Director

Recently during our SJCS Association Meeting, Jen Baham, Teaching Principal, highlighted some of the wonderful aspects of our community during the 2020-2021 school year. We are excited to share these highlights as we look forward to another year of faith integrated, exceptional teaching which makes a difference in this world. 

SJCS Tigers are "streaking" their way to success!

March 29, 2021
By Robyn Ritsema | Athletic Director

You may have heard that a group of tigers is called a streak. Tigers are generally solitary animals but when grouped together, like we are at SJCS, we can do amazing things when we put our minds to it!

We began our year of physical education talking about our theme "Made to Thrive" and I shared the scripture from Psalm 139:14 with our students, 

"I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are Your works, and that my soul knows very well." (NIV)

We have many opportunities in our classes to glorify God as we move and create in our play and our exercise.

This year, as we emphasize our personal physical fitness we have focused in the area of cardiovascular endurance. This has been a new challenge for our students this year as we are all working toward a goal of running a marathon by the end of the school year to join the "Marathon Club."  Our students are learning to challenge themselves, to push through the hard days of exercise, and to rejoice and be glad in the bodies we have been given by our Great Creator, God. All for His glory!

I'm proud to share with you that 33 of our students have reached their goal of a full marathon (26.2 miles) at the end 3rd quarter! We have several students who will reach their marathon goal within the next month. Overall, our students have run over 2,500 miles in the 2020-21 school year! Please celebrate their accomplishments with us. 

Congratulations to our 5th grade class! They have the highest percent of students reaching their marathon goal for the year (33%) in our Elementary grades.

Congratulations to our 6th grade class as well. They have the highest percentage of students reaching marathon status in Middle School with 44% of the class reaching their goal.

Eleven of our Middle School students continued their running as members of our SJCS Cross Country team. Due to COVID restrictions, we were unable to have an official meet (race) with other schools as we had hoped, however we did have our own team race at Montgomery Hill Park on March 23rd. We are proud of our team and the hard work they put in training after school two days a week and once on weekends during January, February, and March. Thank you for supporting our Tigers and for getting your orange crush on for our race that day!


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