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The Bible reveals God as the Almighty creator of the Earth and as sovereign over all creation. Through the centuries man has responded to God and His creation through art. By looking back in history we see how others have responded to God through art. By using our God given talents we learn to respond positively in praise to God through visual means.

In our elementary grades our specialized teacher is committed to the development of creative skills through art and incorporates instruction as part of our core curriculum. We utilize a variety of art modalities including, but not limited to MakerSpaces.  Our maker studio is used for creative exploration, engineering, tinkering and inventing.  Our students have the opportunity to discover, assemble, construct and explore using “outside the box” thinking. 

Our Middle School is blessed by the instruction of a dedicated, trained Art teacher. Ms. Mindy Webb completes the instruction of art for our students in 6th, 7th and 8th grades. 


SJCS 23-24