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Music at San Jose Christian School is used to glorify god, benefit others, and improve oneself. The study of music gives students tools to use their voices and bodies in worship to God. These are life skills that can be used through adulthood.

Music benefits others by promoting community; students must unify their efforts to make one offering of sound. Through music, students improve self-confidence, self-expression, and self-discipline. Music is an integral part of God's creation and our daily lives, and therefore necessary for a total education.

Elementary school students have music twice a week. During these classes, students learn to read music and practice different rhythms using various instruments such as tamborines, recorders, and rhythm sticks. They also learn about music's various forms by studying its history and different types of instruments in bands and orchestras. Students also enjoy singing a variety of songs that praise God for the great works He has done. 


SJCS 23-24