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San Jose Christian Preschool is designed to nurture and help grow the whole child: spiritually, socially, cognitively, emotionally and physically. We value a strong partnership and regular communication with parents. Our preschool will help foster the character development, spiritual growth, and academic skills that will prepare your child for a productive life of learning.

We have extremely high standards for our teachers, and our preschool staff includes experts in child development, special education, and Montessori learning. By incorporating the best practices from these fields into our traditional-model preschool, we are able to meet the needs of each individual student. We utilize exploratory and child-initiated learning, which provides each student opportunities for hands-on discovery and helps build lifelong critical thinking skills.

To ensure that your child reaches developmental benchmarks, we have set up four developmentally-appropriate classrooms that will serve each child’s distinct needs. There will also be opportunities for your child to interact with children of different ages, since it is important for all children to see younger and older peers at play.

Our curriculum incorporates monthly themes and age-appropriate subject learning in the areas of Bible, reading, writing, math, science, and geography. We also offer enrichment in a variety of areas such as dance, music, sign language, and gardening. All of this is done in a fun and exciting way, so your children learn as they explore and play.

We understand that affording care for your child is an important part of your decision.  Please review our Financial Policy for detailed costs.

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