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Keep On Learning

October 03, 2016
By Jenn Thompson

Love. Learn. Serve. This tag line sums up the reason SJCS exists and what we want to see in all of our students. It also very well describes our teachers. Each teacher here is committed to fulfilling God’s call on his/her life, each is committed to serving the students, SJCS community and each is committed to being a life long learner. By modeling those things, we trust that our students will experience the joy of learning and the blessing of knowing God.

During the faculty retreat days last week, we focused on our learning and professional development. Doug Heetderks, the director the World Wonder and Discovery Barn Programs at Westminster Christian School led us in a discussion about student engagement, student focused learning and inquiry based education. Doug shared some of his experiences and research and gave teachers practical methods in which to engage student wonder and inquiry in the classroom and outside the classroom walls. Already, several of our teachers have implemented some ideas. Each teacher individually and collectively committed to trying something new that might better peak the students’ learning experience.

SJCS is committed to the academic growth of our students, and we want to fully involve them in the wonder and joy of understanding God’s created world.