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Maintaining a Strong Core

October 21, 2019
By Buddy Hucks | Head of School

Towards the end of September, the Board of Trustees met at San Jose Christian Reformed Church, one of SJCS’s founding churches, to review and update the strategic plan for SJCS. We had great discussions, and it was a pleasure to see how each board member brings unique life experiences, talents, and skills to serve our school community.  The board members expressed a deep concern for the care and long-term vision of the school. 

We had great discussions about increasing our enrollment, long-term sustainability, campus improvements, and providing for our staff. However, one of the best takeaways was the fact that the board members were most concerned about protecting our core values. One board member commented that if we only focus on increasing enrollment and do not stay true to our mission, then we have missed our mark. Our core values guide us in educating our students for Christian life and service. The board and administration have been tasked with protecting this spiritual legacy that was given to our community sixty years ago. 

Part of what makes us unique is that our core values state that we are a covenantal, faith-filled community that is holding each other accountable to the values upon which we were founded. SJCS strives:

  • to teach a Biblical worldview,
  • to aspire towards educational excellence,
  • to develop the whole child,
  • to provide outstanding teachers,
  • to be responsible stewards,
  • and to be an intentional Christian community.

As we work together as a community, let us honor our mission of advancing the Kingdom of God, by engaging and transforming our culture for Christ.