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Spotlight on Mrs. Baham

September 19, 2016
By Dave Intlekofer

Wonderful things are happening in 8th grade Bible! Students have been examining how they spend their time and discussing how our habits afect our lives and thoughts. Conversations have been fruitful and encouraging as students realize that their hearts are shaped by what they do.

Last month, Mrs. Baham and Mr. I had the privilege of speaking at a CSI conference in Michigan about Faith Integration at SJCS. At that conference, Mrs. Baham learned about this practice of performing a “liturgical audit”—reflecting on our practices and habits. This type of reflection can tell us a lot about our priorities, our goals, and our desires. It has gone very well in our 8th grade, and the conversation has been fantastic.

Mrs. Baham has also been invited by CSI to lead a webinar on faith integration and the “liturgical practices” at our school. It is quite an honor, and we are extremely proud of her! You can read more about the 8th grade Bible lesson or many other great things at Mrs. Baham’s blog,

Have you taken time recently to examine your habits and what they say about your priorities?