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February 21, 2019
By Buddy Hucks

Success is a word that is used a lot. Most people want to be successful: successful parents, successful students, successful in business, successful in sports, etc.

We generally think of success as the accomplishment of some goal or achieving material prosperity. However, the Hebrew word for success used in the Old Testament is the word sakhal which originally meant “to follow after.” Depending on the context the word sakhal also translates as “to be wise” or “to prosper.” Spiritually speaking, success could be defined as “attaining wisdom” or “prospering spiritually.”

At San Jose Christian School, we want our students to prosper academically, but more importantly, we want them to prosper spiritually and engage the culture around them with wisdom and discernment. Our mission is “to advance the kingdom of God by providing exceptional teaching and curriculum fully integrated with biblical perspective. Within our committed Christian community, we live to engage and transform culture for Jesus Christ.”   

As we are in the process of re-enrollment for next year, we look forward to partnering with you to help put your child on the road to both academic and spiritual success so that they may be a force for transforming the culture for Christ.