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In The Spot Light - Mrs. Vicky Hanquist and Experiencing God Through Visual Art

May 10, 2018
By Jennifer Baham

“Art is my passion! When I create, I experience the presence of God. It’s contagious when we express the passion God has given us. The ability to create Art is a gift God has given me. As a designer, I have visions on how to bring a space to life. I saw hot air balloons to define the entry area in room 16. The elementary art students brought this vision to life. They did it!”

Installing the Grades 1-4 hot air balloons in Room 16 has brought a lot of energy and excitement to campus tours. The students worked very hard, had fun making the project, and felt great pride in the end result. This 3D project required teamwork, persistence, and creative thinking--all important Habits of Mind! After the project completion each student prepared and presented verbally to express what they learned and what God taught them in the process. Students spoke of the patience, teamwork, and the time commitment required to create something. They also spoke of the end result that brings joy. Mrs. Hanquist noted that God was in the entire process--the colors, student choices, and the amazing outcome. Check out Room 16 to see these projects and many more on analogous and complementary colors, movement studies, and master artists.