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In The Spot Light - Mrs. Phillips

February 21, 2018
By Jennifer Baham

Every person in this educational institution contributes to the whole. Every piece is connected and every piece matters. This week we celebrate our Director of Community Development and Director of Admissions, Betsy Phillips.

Mrs. Phillips loves building community, connecting people, and talking about SJCS to new families! “When you really connect the value of education at SJCS to the benefits for children and families, I cannot imagine how a family would choose something different than what we offer. Not only are we intentional in the classroom, but also in every event and activity. The biggest distinctive we have is our partnership of school, home, and church. I think this approach is so unique in our valley. When people really understand that partnership, it can help their children thrive.”

Betsy and the office team engage the SJCS mission. They are intentional about displaying a love for God, a desire to learn and a commitment to serve. Their effective processes point to engagement with all the different members of our community. They support our teachers so that together our staff can effectively raise up kids to transform His kingdom. Betsy overflows with joy as she shares, “Because I believe in our mission statement with my whole heart, it is easy for me to share our story and build events, tours, and community connection points in support of that mission.”