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Spiritual Formation: What is the school's role?

February 05, 2018
By Jenn Thompson

I read the following in an article this past week: “Church and family life are important in young adults’ spiritual formation, but our research reinforces the fact school plays an important role in this as well,” says Dr. Beth Green, education program director at think tank Cardus. “Church leaders, parents, and educators must know and understand just how important attending Christian school can be in bolstering young adults’ faith.” (Cardus is a think tank dedicated to the renewal of North American social architecture that works to enrich and challenge public debate through research, events, and publications.) As a parent of three grown children who are all attended and graduated from Christian schools, I can certainly vouch for that fact.

As your students learn to think Biblically as a very intentional part of the SJCS educational experience, they are learning how to respond to our culture as Jesus would. That means that they are learning to serve and love others. They are building friendships with others who are doing the same, and when a friendship is based on a love for Christ, that friendship goes deep. Of course, we all do that imperfectly, but as we live in community at SJCS, we are also learning to give grace to each other as we each grow in our faith.

Randall Postmus says:
February 27, 2018 04:34 PM CST
Well said, Jenn. I 100% agree.