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November 09, 2017
By Jenn Thompson

November is the month of gratitude. As we focus on being thankful in the classrooms, there is a real sense that the gratitude permeates into the hallways and back to our homes. We have so much for which to be thankful - I love this focus!

I am thankful for my Christian parents and grandparents who taught me the truths of scripture and salvation from my earliest years. I came to understand that the work of what Jesus Christ accomplished on my behalf on the cross is a true gift of God’s love and grace for me. I continue to be challenged to explore the truths of scripture as a growing believer, having them inform both my personal life and professional practice. It brings me great joy to serve with other educators who believe and practice the same. The Biblical foundation on which SJCS stands is firm, and it is our practice to be intentional about integrating our faith in the lives of the students, each other, and you, our families.

At SJCS, you experience the core biblical truths that are at the center of the curriculum and woven throughout the curriculum. It is more than curriculum, though, but rather a manner of teaching in which students are led to make sense of the universe and their place in it by filtering their learning through God’s Word. Thank you for partnering with us as we prepare students to be well prepared to become successful contributors to their world.