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God Made The World, and God Made Me!

October 09, 2017
By Jennifer Baham

Walking into the Grasshopper room felt like a downpour of Living Water into my “love bucket”. The love and joy of these little ones reflects the loving atmosphere of Miss Blenda and Miss Sharokeena’s classroom. When I walked in, five children circled around me with smiles and curiosity, and books in hand. “Let’s read this one!” they exclaimed. The foundation of this classroom rests on basic truths of our faith: God made the world. God made each one of us. God has a plan. God wants me to be safe. God wants me to grow. Miss Blenda and Miss Sharokeena teach these beautiful truths through the study of what God has made--seasons, senses, and relationships. Even at this young age, SJCS students begin to understand how to be effective communicators, wise decision-makers, and humble servants. (For more information on filling someone’s love bucket, check out the book the Grasshoppers talk about together called How Full Is Your Bucket?)