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2016-2017 Teacher of the Year

August 29, 2017
By Jennifer Baham

As you enter Miss Hossink’s Grade 2 classroom you will see a huge display above her cupboards with the words “IN OUR CLASSROOM WE...” surrounded by amazing things like “do love”, “listen”, “make mistakes”, “never give up”, “think first”, “include everyone” and the list goes on. Miss Hossink is fifth in line as the proud recipient of the “Karen Wynbeek Award”. This “teacher of the year” award began the year Mrs. Wynbeek retired. Each year the administration chooses one teacher to receive the award.

Miss Hossink faced a big decision in her final years as an elementary
education major at Calvin College. She came to a point where she was
not sure she wanted to teach. She had no idea what she should do with
her life. God providentially provided her with a small Christian school for
her second student teaching placement. Through that school, God brought
multiple people into her life who mentioned San Jose Christian School. Miss
Hossink felt that it was God Himself whispering this school into her ear. After talking with Mr. I in an interview, God’s plan was clear to her. Miss Hossink moved to San Jose with the belief that our school was the answer to her many prayers of “God, show me a path you have for me.” During her three years at SJCS thus far, she continues to pray for God’s direction. God continues to confirm her call to be at our school through students, parents, and experiences. She sees her job at SJCS as a story of God’s faithfulness to her!

Miss Hossink turned a di cult time in her late college experience into a growth opportunity. She faced her setbacks with courage and determination. Now, years later, Miss Hossink’s favorite part of being a teacher is enjoying the chance to build her own classroom community. She loves the energy of her students, and is grateful for the energy they bring out in her. She feels that she learns from her students, and grows in faith because of her relationships with them. She admits to using some “teacher tricks”. She did not reveal all of her secrets, but did admit to some classroom management strategies involving counting down from three, the “teacher look”, and the power of a whisper!

Fellow teacher and mentor Mrs. DenOuden noted that she has watched Miss Hossink “step up as a teacher leader”. Another colleague, Mrs. VanEwyk, shared that “Miss Hossink is one of those unique teachers and individuals that grabs your attention in the first twenty seconds and leaves you spellbound by her cleverness and quick mind. I've always marveled at how she can spin a simple lesson into a character building activity. Lynn is an exceptional teacher, her students always know they are loved and respected.” Fellow teacher and friend, Miss Laverman, added that “Miss Hossink has such an energetic presence and her students can't help but to catch that same excitement for learning. Her love for her students and for God shines through and is reflected in her instruction. She is truly an example of Christ's love in our SJCS community.”

Philippians 4:6 is a life verse for Miss Hossink. “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.”