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The Super Seven

April 03, 2017
By Dave Intlekofer

Interpersonal struggles are a part of life, and at SJCS we strive to provide students with the ability to work out minor di erences without adults always having to “solve” the problem. These skills will be invaluable as students progress in school, grow older, and enter the workforce.

In third grade, the girls recently brainstormed about ways they can work and play together productively, and here are the “Super 7” ways they came up with:

  1. Include Others--always invite others to play. If you don't want to play, say "Thanks but I'm going to pass this time."
  2. Speak Life--Encourage others, be "bucket fillers," and if you don't have something nice to say, don't say it at all.
  3. Speak Reconciliation--Don't leave school angry. Seek out a teacher on yard duty for recess issues. The homeroom teacher is here to help too, but coming in from recess is not a an optimal time to work through an issue related to just a few students. A better time to talk things through would be before they go out for the next recess break.
  4. Help Not Hurt--use our words and actions to speak life into people, not to tear people down.
  5. Work Together--in partners/teamwork activities remember to show kindness to those around you. God teaches us through Ephesians that "Teamwork works best."
  6. Have Positive Attitudes--Things might not always go your way, but you can make the choice to stay positive and enjoy the game your friend picks to play.
  7. Always Apologize For Accidents--If something happened that was an accident, make sure the person knows it was an accident, help them up, and make sure they get the care they need.

This list could just as easily apply at any grade level! Sometimes the spring has a way of stirring things up in schools, and it’s always great to have a plan for how to handle things when disagreements occur. Thanks, third grade!