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Teacher Tales

March 20, 2017
By Dave Intlekofer

Many of you know that Justin DenOuden has been fulfilling his student teaching at our school. Justin has worked in both 1st and 3rd grade this year, and he has been a wonderful addition to our faculty.

Brian Van Dyck, Justin's faculty advisor in the CalState Teach program, has been observing Justin's teaching throughout the year. Last week Brian conducted his final observation of the semester, and he came into the office to see Mr. I. Here's what Brian said:

"I am thoroughly impressed with your faculty, and I wanted to take a minute to come and commend them for their professionalism and skill. I have worked with hundreds of schools, and the level of mentorship I have seen here is rarely seen in any school. CalState Teach usually pushes back when a student teacher is placed in a private school, but you are exceeding all of the other schools I worked with this year. Well done!"

Keep up the great work, teachers!