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Teacher of the Year

August 08, 2016
By San Jose Staff

Last year, Arlet Veurink was named SJCS’ teacher of the year. A core value of our school is Outstanding Teachers, and the Wynbeek Award was established in 2012 to recognize one outstanding teacher per year.

Considerations and criteria for winning the award include the following:

• Embodiment of the school mission and core values

• Excellence in teaching and evidence of student learning

• Integration of Biblical world view

• Contribution to school culture and respect of peers

• Consistency of high performance

• Passion and enthusiasm for Christian education

• Demonstrated leadership and service

Previous recipients of the award were Karen Wynbeek (the inaugural honoree for whom the award was named), Jennifer Baham, Michelle Nibbelink, and Cecilia Coetsee. Ms. Veurink joins this wonderful group of teachers as the fifth honoree.

Ms. Veurink is a model of exceptional teaching. She creates a classroom environment where everyone feels safe and loved. Walking into her classroom is like entering a haven of peace, and students clearly feel that peace. Ms. Veurink cares deeply for every student, and she communicates her love every day. She embodies our school mission and core values, and she is respected by her peers, parents, and students.

Ms. Veurink has a clear passion for Christian education and for inspiring learning in her students and colleagues. She regularly offers learning opportunities to her peers and makes sure that every student, regardless of need, is getting the help that is needed in the classroom.

The Wynbeek Award exists to honor excellence in teaching, and Ms. Veurink displays excellence every day.