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Take Time

January 23, 2017
By Jenn Thompson

Last week, I had the opportunity to reconnect with the faculty and cohort from the year long executive management program I am taking through the Van Lunen Center at Calvin College. The Van Lunen Center provides training to school administrators in their first ten years of service, and this week’s topics ranged from strategic planning to HR, from spiritual leadership to advancement, and from marketing to the technological impact on teaching and learning. It has been amazing learning from peers, mentors, and experts, and I truly thank the Board and faculty for allowing me to pursue this and be o campus a few times this year.

An added bonus to this week at the Franciscan Renewal Center in Scottsdale was to very intentionally “be in the desert” and find time to fill my soul spiritually. Some of my personal time alone with God included walking the labyrinth. One of the attendees briefly told us that labyrinths have been used for centuries as a “pilgrimage” of prayer, refocusing at each turn on God- praising, listening, and unburdening ourselves. For me, I often lose focus while I pray, and as I took each turn, it reminded me of the many turns our lives take and that in ALL THINGS, God is beside us. When we are busy, when we don’t stop and rest, and our time with our heavenly Father can be hurried and unfocused. As a Christian school leader, it really is critical that I spend quality time with God and listen well to His leading.

All of us are leaders – as parents, employees, in church etc. – and we truly need this time with God. As you serve God in the areas in which He has called, may you be blessed and encouraged. Let us continue to rest in God and pray with and for each other.