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Spotlight on E3 Students

January 09, 2017
By Dave Intlekofer

We are thrilled that we are again hosting our dear friends from E3 School in Korea. This year, we have the most students we have ever had — 16! In previous years, we have had SJCS families host a dinner or plan an activity (like a trip to the park) for some or all of the Korean students. If you would like to coordinate something like that, please contact Mr. I.

The past three years have been a great source of cultural learning and fun for our students, and I am confident that this year will be another fantastic experience for everyone. The following students are joining us for 3 weeks (until January 23rd), so be sure to welcome them when you see them!

1) Eric (2nd)

2) Daniel (2nd)

3) Joseph (2nd)

4) Sarah (3rd)

5) Isaac (3rd)

6) Anna (3rd)

7) Claire (4th)

8) Grace (4th)

9) Eileen (4th)

10) Stella (4th)

11) Eddie (5th)

12) Jenny (5th)

13) Angie (5th)

14) Sarah (5th)

15) Bella (6th)

16) Sandra (6th)

What a joy it is to share our beloved school community with our international friends!

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