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Spotlight on 3rd Grade Adventures

November 28, 2016
By Dave Intlekofer

Many of you may have traveled for the Thanksgiving holiday, but one “student” in the 3rd grade class has us all beat. Flat Stanley has recently been to Belgium, Florida, South Africa, Pennsylvania, Switzerland, Michigan, the Netherlands, Wisconsin, Costa Rica, and more. He even helped put out a forest fire in California!

In Quarter 1, third graders read the book Flat Stanley, and in Quarter 2 they sent their little classmate to all the corners of the globe. Flat Stanley comes back from his exotic adventures with letters and pictures (and sometimes even treats, like the Belgian chocolates he brought to school today!). The students use these letters and photos as opportunities to learn about the geography, landmarks, weather, and customs of areas around the world. They will also be creating a Google Maps project based on Flat Stanley’s adventures.

You can see more pictures of Flat Stanley's travels on Mrs. DenOuden’s class website.