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In The Spot Light - Miss Bost and Miss Armenta

March 29, 2018
By Jennifer Baham

Watch Our Butterflies Grow and Explore!

“Everything is new to our kids. Each day is an adventure!” Butterfly teacher Allie Bost shared. The Butterflies explore God’s world in both structured and unstructured play. “These little ones are able to transition from the baby room and thrive in a new environment. Kids can do and understand more than we think!” Catalina Armenta teaches with Allie and shared how much she enjoys working in the San Jose Christian Preschool. This week’s lesson was on community jobs such as doctors. The little ones loved learning new words like stethoscope and sharing about their own experiences. It is easy to see that the loving, kind leadership in the Butterfly room blesses students, parents, and SJCS faculty in countless ways. Thanks to the new playground we hear daily laughter, play, and learning from our little Tigers.

Spotlight on our Dragonfly Class

February 21, 2017
By Dave Intlekofer

Miss Monique and Miss Tiffany any have done a wonderful job incorporating faith integration into this month's black history lessons. Each week, students in preschool focus on a theme/ character trait (this week it's music/joy) and memorize a verse that illustrates that theme (Psalm 100:1--Make a joyful noise unto the Lord.). The students then read stories and learn about famous African Americans who exemplify each theme (Ella Fitzgerald; Louis Armstrong).

What a fantastic way of integrating multiple subjects into each lesson! Educational excellence happens every day in our preschool, and we are truly blessed to have such amazing teachers.

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