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  Name Title Group Contact
Catalina Armenta Armenta, Catalina Preschool Preschool 408-371-7741
Jennifer Baham Baham, Jennifer Faith Integration Mentor, Music Director Middle School, Specials 408-371-7741
Kimberly Basl Basl, Kimberly Extended Care Director Elementary, Middle School 408-371-7741
Blenda Betouseb Betouseb, Blenda Preschool Preschool 408-371-7741
SJCS Board of Trustees Board of Trustees, SJCS Administration
Alex Bost Bost, Alex Athletic Director Elementary, Middle School, Specials 408-371-7741
Allie Bost Bost, Allie Preschool Preschool 408-371-7741
Gaye Bost Bost, Gaye Kindergarten Teacher Elementary 408-371-7741
Mariza Campista Campista, Mariza Preschool Preschool 408-371-7741
Cecilia Coetsee Coetsee, Cecilia Middle School Middle School 408-371-7741
SJCS CPTA CPTA, SJCS Administration
Monette Dawson Dawson, Monette Preschool Preschool 408-371-7741
Jackie DenOuden DenOuden, Jackie 3rd Grade Elementary 408-371-7741
Justin DenOuden DenOuden, Justin Middle School Middle School 408-371-7741
Charieah Ford (Kephart) Ford (Kephart), Charieah Preschool (ICC) Preschool 408-371-7741
Tanya Garside Garside, Tanya Business Manager Office Staff 408-371-7741 ext. 223
Vicky Hanquist Hanquist, Vicky Elementary Art Elementary, Specials 408-371-7741
Janelle Hendricks Hendricks, Janelle Technology Instruction, MS Student Advocate Elementary, Middle School, Specials, Technology 408-371-7741
Ross Hoksbergen Hoksbergen, Ross Elementary Music Elementary, Specials 408-371-7741
Sharokeena Hormoz Hormoz, Sharokeena Preschool Preschool 408-371-7741
Lynn Hossink Hossink, Lynn 2nd Grade Elementary 408-371-7741
Ashley Koepplin Koepplin, Ashley Preschool Director Preschool 408-371-7741
Priscilla Ku Ku, Priscilla Preschool Preschool 408-371-7741
Ashley Laverman Laverman, Ashley 4th Grade Elementary 408-371-7741
Audra Lyons Lyons, Audra 1st Grade Elementary 408-371-7741
Rachel Medeiros Medeiros, Rachel Middle School, Director of Educational Technology Middle School, Technology 408-371-7741
Nicole Nesdahl Nesdahl, Nicole Librarian Elementary, Middle School, Specials 408-371-7741
Michelle Nibbelink Nibbelink, Michelle 5th Grade Elementary, Specials 408-371-7741
Monique Nicoleau Nicoleau, Monique Preschool Preschool 408-371-7741
Tiffany Okoye Okoye, Tiffany Preschool Preschool 408-371-7741
Betsy Phillips Phillips, Betsy Director of Community Development & Admissions Administration, Office Staff 408-371-7741 ext. 231
Tammy Reulman Reulman, Tammy Preschool Preschool 408-371-7741
Melinda Sanchez Sanchez, Melinda Preschool (ICC) Preschool 408-371-7741
Beverly Singh Singh, Beverly Asst. to Head of School Office Staff 408-371-7741 ext. 221
Karissa Soud Soud, Karissa Office Office Staff 408-371-7741
Rebecca Subity Subity, Rebecca JK Aide Elementary 408-371-7741
Jennifer Thompson Thompson, Jennifer Head of School Administration 408-371-7741 ext.222
Melissa Truong Truong, Melissa Middle School Middle School 408-371-7741
Suzie Van Ewyk Van Ewyk, Suzie JK Teacher Elementary 408-371-7741
Arlet Veurink Veurink, Arlet LC Director Elementary, Specials 408-371-7741
Marcie Wakatsuki Wakatsuki, Marcie Kindergarten Aide Elementary 408-371-7741
Mindy Webb Webb, Mindy 5th Grade Elementary, Middle School, Specials 408-371-7741
Dan Werder Werder, Dan Technology Technology 408-371-7741
John Wynbeek Wynbeek, John Director of Technology Technology 408-371-7741